How pilates can help you


Cornwall Pilates Plus Exercises can help you reduce your stress.

Pilates breathing exercises focus your mind and increase concentration aiding relaxation. In contrast physical exercises are different. They improve body in form and function. At the same time releasing tension held in muscles.

In pilates only the muscles that are required for a particular activity are engaged while those not needed stay relaxed.

Learning and improving your body awareness results in the ability to relax. Being able to relax reduces fatigue and muscular tension. As a result if you can relax and relieve muscular tension you can deal with stress. Pilates can help you do just that.

Carol finds regular commuting to and from the City stressful and tiring. She uses Pilates to release back tension after a long car journey (Cat and Spine Curls) and enjoys warming up for rehearsals with the Cleopatra and Neck Rolls.

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